2016 4th Quarter E-Commerce Sales

Feb 14 2017

The numbers are in for 4th quarter 2016 online sales and it shows that shoppers spent a total of 109.3 billion online shopping on desktop and mobile devices. This is up 18.2% from the same time in 2015. More and more consumers are opting out of shopping in stores and instead are changing their shopping habits to online shopping. Traditional retailers are struggling to keep up as new online only businesses and retailers are capitalizing on this trend in consumer behavior.

The future is mobile and there is no use fighting it. 2016 holiday sales saw a 44.9% increase in mobile sales from 2015, totaling over $80 billion. Retailers are investing in e-commerce and m-commerce in order to boost their dwindling in-store sales. Some, like Tory Burch, are hiring executives to manage the brand's online retail future. With these numbers rolling in, it’s a smart move to focus energy and money into the online and mobile shopping sector.

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