Meet the Dynamic Duo: SEO and Content

Jan 05 2015

For those who have followed search and social trends from 2013 to 2014, you've seen a lot of change in the playing field. We hear more and more about content marketing and less about links, but what if there was a perfect marriage between the two?

Some would argue that content marketing is the new form of link building and that we should avoid historical practices of acquiring links to improve ranking in search.  We here at SoftMirage,  agree otherwise.

Our marketing practices wed these two trends. By Delivering content correctly: both engaging and problem solving content, without a doubt it will be shared. Essentially this practice is the idea of content marketing building links and in return link building efforts done correctly can also arise in some great content.

At SoftMirage we work to optimize our listings to SEO standard best practice. Highlighting keywords, write compelling, engaging content, provide correct location information and sharing reviews are few of the ways we stay on top.

To learn more about combining the two practices for the ultimate SEO weapon here!