New Digital Marketing Ideas

Jan 12 2015

It’s time for planning a marketing strategy for the start of the year as the business setting changing at the speed of the technology. Businesses have to adapt to online marketing to get ahead of their competition. Marketers go after their daily meandering in terms of like, shares tweets and any type of quick strategies. Some marketers collect social data regularly to offer more personalized and relevant content towards customers. Also business is focusing attention to inbound marketing activities through different social platforms to target the customers online. Here are five digital marketing trends to look into for the 2015.

Firstly, social media marketing trend an exceptionally important element that is increasing where the business needs to get to know the demographic profile of the customer. Also been aware of the latest modern trends and change on social networks for the year. Most businesses are establishing authority and trust among their consumers by creating high quality reliable content to the customers. Also combining marketing communications with social media channels, companies increasingly building a strong relationship with customers and help them to grow brand equity by having a strong high active presence.

Secondly, ad retargeting where businesses use content marketing strategies by creating valuable, attractive content designed for specific customers. Content marketing needs to be done at the company wide level. Consumer value brands that show their human face and consider them as reliable and accurate.  Businesses communicate with their targeted audiences to build productive connections with reliable customers. Some marketers are increasingly becoming quite capable in re-targeting customers by utilizing browser cookies that track websites that are visited by customers. When customers leave the site, products or services they look at will be shown to them again in advertisements, across different websites. As a result, ad re-targeting works to increase the overall conversion rate .It indicate that simple exposure to brand names and logos may eventually lead to purchase decisions and increased brand awareness reducing the time and cost of marketing.

Third, search engine optimization by providing high quality content in search engine such as Google and Bing. Where the social signals has been an important factor in organic search rankings. Furthermore many people share content through social media channels and popular content that will be included in search engine results. Most of the upper ranked searches results tend to have lots of social share and lower ranked have fewer social shares. Also it tends to be considered as confidence signal for visitors and a lot of businesses are connecting social share plugins and encouraging consumers to share their content.

Fourth trend mobile marketing where businesses are encouraged to produce content that is accessible by mobiles and using mobile first approach. Content may include marketing emails, e-newsletters, websites and social posts. Most businesses choose to create an alternative mobile version of a website and choose to use quick respond web design. It’s important to offer a good experience for those internet customers that are looking through mobile devices. Then thinking about mobile when creating every piece of content where majority of customers are likely to be accessing the content via mobile.

Fifth, video marketing, it is vital for business to use apps such as twitter vine where it has increased opportunity for business to upload video clips with reliable content. Many businesses will increase resort to digital marketing strategies to attract more customers. Also it is important for marketers to learn to involve with online customers through effective, proper content. It looks as if that electronic marketing has changed consumers’ awareness about the businesses. Further giving the consumer response to original video content from brands. Possibly, there is an opportunity for businesses to influence through faster adaptations, shorter lead times and been on real-time marketing.

These are a few tips we here at Softmirage recommend incorporating into your marketing best practices. For more on this information, contact us today We'd love to speak with you.