The Advantages of CGI for Marketing

Mar 23 2015

You’ve probably seen something similar before, an advertisement of a car speeding down a scenic highway. The car is absolutely spotless and looks impossibly sleek. The setting is perfect, and the rays of sun glisten on the vehicle. As you gaze at this shot, you may wonder how the advertisers managed to photograph such a stunning moment. Well, the truth is that stunning moment may not be a photograph at all, but rather a 3D rendering created on a computer screen rather than a highway.

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is quickly replacing traditional photography as the go-to method of advertising for many companies. Advances in technology have made this innovation much more convenient and believable. 3D imagery carries many advantages for product marketing and artists are able to create photo-realistic images that are both flexible and affordable. Here are some of the benefits of employing CGI over photography.

For one, using CGI breaks the limits of reality and expands the possibilities into fantastic realms. Scheduling is no longer an issue. A photo-shoot of a vehicle in an exotic location can prove to be a costly endeavor. With CGI, the exotic location can be photographed and the vehicle can be inserted into that location. Previous photo-shoot delays due to bad weather are a thing of the past as well. A digital artist can add rain, sun, or clouds to the shot at a moment’s notice. CGI can also perfect an imperfect shot. If a wall needs to be elongated or a tree seems out of place, an artist can easily fix it.

CGI can also be used to showcase a product that hasn’t even been built yet. This is great for showcasing concept vehicles or to-be-built properties. Digital artists can create extremely detailed layouts that easily communicate a product’s features, without spending millions to actually build it.

CGI’s flexible nature ensures that it is only going to grow in use for advertising and marketing. CGI can lower costs for many advertising campaigns, while delivering a more refined and consistent brand image. The future is here and as CGI becomes indiscernible from traditional images, you can expect it to replace photography.