The Omnichannel Advantage

May 23 2017

Retailers that offer buy online pickup in store have a competitive advantage against Amazon.

Retailers that embrace ominichannel strategies and execute them well have a great advantage in the competitive ecommerce market. Consumers reported that purchasing online and picking up in store is a shopping experience that they like with about 96% of those who bought online and picked up in store rated the experience as either good or excellent.

This positive user experience reporting is not a surprise, since consumers save on shipping costs and also know for sure that what they want is in stock. This convenience and immediacy is what will give smaller retailers as advantage when it comes to competing with Amazon.

Consumers also rely on the internet for important information about products they want to buy even if they plan on going in store to purchase or pick up. This is where ominchannel strategy comes in handy for smaller retailers.

Making it easy for customers to order online and pick up in store is a good way to keep customers happy and come back for more every time. Although Amazon is attempting to dominate the omnichannel market as well with the Amazon Locker, it hasn’t caught on en masse as the most convenient option. As long as retailers embrace omnichannel strategies, they will continue to have that competitive advantage over Amazon.

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