Visual Shopping

Apr 13 2017

Brands have been trying to break into content shopping with not much luck, but it’s the new way to shop that has the most untapped potential. With so much content being created online every day, shopping the look and visual shopping seems to be the next big money maker in online retail. Some brands have started to tap into this potential with smart ways to connect content to commerce. Here are the biggest ways content shopping is making a splash in the online retail scene.

Shop the Look

Shopping the look is taking something that has always been a staple in retail and advertising and making it a platform that turns visual consumers into product consumers. Being able to click on a photo of an entire outfit to shop each item, or all items together has great potential in converting shoppers online.

Intermix is using their Shop the Look content to convert users by making it almost too easy to buy what is on display on their website. Users can click directly onto the image to buy the merchandise or they can click “Shop the Look” and put the entire outfit into their shopping bag!

Shop the Film

Using video content is another great way that brands are making their content shoppable. Ted Baker is an expert on video shopping by making it super easy to shop the products seen in their fashion advertising videos. By featuring clickable hotspots throughout the video, shop the film entices viewers to buy as they watch. This type of new online shopping experience taps into when consumers will most likely spend money, just getting off that high from seeing an amazing video tailored to make people want.

Shop on Social

Making social media platforms shoppable is something already in the works with Instagram’s shopping feature and Facebook’s Marketplace, as well as, the Shop section in Facebook business pages rolling out. It has been a rocky start with not as much engagement as everyone had hoped, but the potential is enormous. The major social media platforms just need to find the sweet spot to get users to see their brand platform as a place online they can trust and shop for products they want.


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