WeChat Leads E-Commerce to a New Future

Jan 17 2017

China’s number one communication tool, WeChat, connects millions of Chinese consumers to each other and to retailers. But that isn't what makes it the future of e-commerce. The power of WeChat is in the countless shopping hurdles it replaces with the convenience of an all-in-one app. It is single handedly replacing debit cards, loyalty cards, customer service agents, email marketing, branded mobile apps, store locators, and traditional digital advertising. Big brands are clamoring to partner with WeChat to have their products and services at the fingertips of their consumers.

With 1 billion accounts and 300 million active monthly users, the popularity of Wechat is shifting consumer behavior towards the convenience of mobile e-commerce. Online shopping has caught on like wildfire over the last decade and all signs point to more growth and potential for innovation. Traditional digital advertising and brand recognition is shifting in this new e-commerce market. If you are in the retail industry, it’s best to keep up to date on how technology is changing consumer behavior and expectations.

The same trend that has made many YouTube stars into famous brand leaders is shifting the balance of power in advertising across online platforms. WeChat has a similar phenomenon called KOL – Key Opinion Leaders. These WeChat stars have fully taken advantage of the WeChat platform and have already accumulated mass followers which makes them much more influential to consumer behavior than traditional marketing strategies. Big brands are catching up to this trend, with Mcdonalds as the first major brand to debut on WecChat and since then retail brands like Burberry and Nike are opening up shop as well.

Going mobile is vital in retail now and e-commerce is not just recommended anymore. It’s soon becoming mandatory to keep up. With many shops opening up online first since the advent of Amazon, it looks like e-commerce is only going to get bigger.

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