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Smart Home Technology. For Business.

Dec 09 2016   •   It’s been two years since Amazon introduced its home tech gadget called Echo. This gadget is extremely popular and now Google is jumping in with a completive product – Google Home. What place do these gadgets have in our homes, in our lives, and even our businesses? Let’s take a look.

Want Your Brand to Stand Out on Social Media? Here's How:

Nov 22 2016   •   Social media is quickly becoming a major driving force for successful marketing. Knowing how to effectively utilize social media can give your business a strong advantage. Each social media site is different and should be optimized accordingly for your business. Twitter is one of the most effective social media outlets when it comes to building strong relationships with customers. With 140 characters or less, your business can keep in constant communication with customers. This continuous dialogue is imperative to building a strong brand that values customer input.

Optimizing Local Search on Mobile Platforms

Nov 02 2016   •   Are you optimizing your site for mobile use? A mobile marketing strategy is essential to local searches. This day and age, everyone is using their mobile device as their main source of technology. Even when there is a computer in the room, 77% of mobile searches happen at home or work according to Search Engine Land.

How SEO Has Changed

Oct 18 2016   •   SEO, once the end all be all of ranking is now drifting from the head of the pack. Tactics that were once the forefront of marketing efforts should now be avoided. Here are techniques and tactics for today that show you how you can drive SEO positively.

Tech Hacks for a Fast-Paced Real Estate Market

Oct 03 2016   •   The Real Estate Market is so fast-paced these days; it takes real effort to keep up, even as a tech-savvy agent. Since technology seems to be speeding up transactions in the market, you can use it to your advantage as well. Here are three tech hacks that will keep you up to speed in today’s fast-paced market.

Pinning for Real Estate with Pinterest

Sep 20 2016   •   Pinterest is a photo-sharing social media site that utilizes a pin board style website to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies and much more. Users can browse other pin boards for images and “Repin” things they want others to see or want to save. But how is this social media platform relevant to real estate?

5 Facts About Real Estate Web Design

Aug 31 2016   •   A great design can work miracles for your Real Estate business. Your website should reflect you, your brand, and your business. And while it may sound tempting to use a website template that simply allow you to pick a color and a background image, we at SM Sold believe that unique, custom designs tailored specifically for your business will set you apart from your competitors.

Millennials: The Generation of Cultural Shift

Aug 09 2016   •   Millennials are a new breed of consumer in America. Due to many contributions over the past decade or so, the culture of young Americans has finally started to show its effects on our economy.

Social Media Market Shares

Jul 26 2016   •   More people are logging on to social media sites today than ever before. eMarketer has predicted how market share will change as social media continues to grow into 2016. Here is what the landscape for the largest social media platforms will look like.

How an MLS Data Feed Can Benefit Your Real Estate Website

Jul 06 2016   •   The modern Realtor® is expected to promote the listings of their clients on multiple web platforms, but many Realtors have their hands full and barely have the time to upload new listings / update current listings in the MLS, let alone any other platform. An MLS or RETS Data Feed has the ability to feed listing data directly from the MLS to your real estate website and beyond. As you can imagine, this makes life much easier for the Realtor.

Social Media for Art Galleries: User Engagement

May 24 2016   •   Social Media is great for connecting with friends and family, but it’s more than that. Social Media is the mainstream way to share information and promote all that your gallery represents. You want to share information and promote what your gallery shows, and if you are a Art Gallery Owner – you want to promote your services and your business.

Bots for Customer Service

Apr 20 2016   •   In this day and age almost any task can be done or at least started online. As all markets gain an online presence we are faced with new issues with the changing culture. When almost all purchases are done online it is no wonder that there is not an online customer service presence. But like the automated customer service voice machine we are all familiar with, there is now the automated customer service online robot known as a “bot”.

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