Artists Cut Through Internet Clutter with .ART Website Domains

Nov 15 2021

Due to the pandemic, artists and art institutions have been going digital with renewed vigor. With industry players like Gagosian launching its temporary, high-end salesroom and Sotheby’s hosting online-only auctions with YouTube broadcasts, it’s clear that unprecedented opportunities await the art world online.

However, there’s a flip side to this boom: an increasing amount of digital “white noise.” Right now, one of the artistic community’s biggest challenges is to find a way for individuals and institutions to identify, establish, and promote themselves online, but to do so with the same charm and personality typically conveyed offline.

This is where the domaion extension .ART comes in. .ART is not a new domain extension actually been availabel since 2007. There is a large selection of website names, so there is a high chance you could find that perfect match you wouldn’t necessarily get with other platforms. Artists who work with traditional media to those who base their practice in digital, crypto, VR art, or NFTs, .ART covers it all. Create a permanent digital portfolio, a pop-up website for your side project, or simply link all of your existing media profiles on one domain.

Over 150,000 brands, institutions and creatives have already joined .ART; the Louvre, TATE, Marina Abramovic Institute (, the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London (, Stern Pissarro Gallery of London ( and many others.

In conclusion, in order to distinguish artists who work with traditional media to those who base their practice in digital, crypto, VR art, or NFTs, .ART covers it all.