Large Framed Artwork Installation Made Easy

Dec 13 2022

Always a challenge but easier than sometimes it looks is installing large paintings. Paintings can be over 10 feet in length and 8 feet in height with weight of up to 200 lbs. We always like to discuss placement with the customer, getting the sight line correct is key to make the painting stand out, then we like to use d-rings so inspecting the back of the art and measuring out the hardware placement is important. The we can begin the steps to the wall installation.

First we like to put down a moving blanket to catch any debris and protect the edges of the art piece. Using ladders on each side of the painting, we have to have a proper angle on the ladders to make sure both installers were involved in lifting the painting equally.

The wall hardware we used consisted of wall anchor bolts and washer into a drywall painted wall, we had installed the d-rings on the back of the piece with a set spread using a laser-level for both. Once we had our wall hardware securely fastened to the wall, we positioned the painting between the ladders so that we could guide the art up onto the wall in one fluid motion. Final adjustments are made after check the piece with a level. Remember walls, floors and ceilings are not always square.

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